When it comes to a corporation that is described as "non-profit," the documents of formation are called the "articles of incorporation." This is also known as a "certificate of incorporation" in some cases. Those who are planning to begin their corporation that is non-profit one in a single state should already be knowledgeable about the certain requirements of that particular state.

Your Organization's Name

The first thing you need to do is look for a name that suits your business. Once you have selected a name, you have to check if it is available for use. If it is, you should include that in the requirements for the state. Most organizations include the following in their names—Company, Foundation, Corporation, Ministries, and others. You can also opt for abbreviated words in the name. But the final decision lies with the state.

What is the Organizations Purpose

The purpose statement should state goals, mission, and vision. Since the organization should not be focused on income, you should convince the IRS that your organization can provide benefits to society.

If you want to apply for tax-exemption for your corporation, you have to make an application to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Be sure to include a specific category of your corporation because the IRS considers this crucial, especially in the tax-exempt filing.

Registered Agent

If you have a registered agent, be sure to include any personal details and other important information about them in the certificate of incorporation. That registered agent must provide an address their schedule must also permit him to be always in the organization during office hours.


The "incorporator" is the person who prepares, files, and submits the papers to the state and other departments. This person's name, address, and other details, and thier signature, must also be included in the certificate of incorporation.

Directors of The Organization

In a company or organization, there will always be directors. They are the ones that decide and direct the company's activities, although they do not oversee the daily activities. They are also responsible for choosing the officers of the corporation.

Officers of The Organization

The officers are the ones who are responsible for seeing the daily activities of the organization. Composed mainly of the President, Vice, President, Secretary, and Treasurer, they make sure that the organization's activities run smoothly.

The Principal Address of Your Organization

Most often than not, it is required that you include the physical address of your company in the documents that you need to submit