”Patel and Almeida helped us to establish a nonprofit organization in a very efficient and simple way. It was extremely easy to work with this organization. With their help, we have gone through this process quickly, efficiently, and in a really inexpensive sense. I had a very easy access to the people who are always helpful, always responding very quickly through the emails, thought the phone calls… Doing this on my own, completely being unprepared for that and untrained, first of all, in filing for a 501(c)3 would have been practically impossible for me to establish this company. The help of the organization, like Patel and Almeida, it was essential, necessary, and extremely helpful. I would recommend Patel and Almeida to anybody in a similar situation as ours. Actually, I have already recommended a couple of people that are looking or going though this process.”

Christopher Onzo - Paderewski Music Society - www.ijpaderewski.org

”We were actually granted our 501c3 within 10 days, it was a record turn around, so I don't think we could have don't that without them they really knew the areas that we needed to focus on. They know what the IRS wants and that's what their there to do, to tell you this is what you need to do, this I what you need to focus on and it was amazing. It was a very easy experience. Arlo, who was my contact there, he was available to me anytime I called. If they had any questions, they would call us. They were very friendly. As I said, I would highly recommend that service to anyone that wants to file for their 501c3 because that paper work that does comes from the IRS is, you can plow through it I guess but it's like it's so mind boggling in a way, it's much easier for someone to say 'okay we do this all the time, we know what to focus on here'. They take the whole thing, they ask some information from you but they put it all together and they give it back to you to go over again, but they put the initial thing together. Anyone that has a nonprofit organization and is trying to help people or animals are very busy, and to be honest with you, for me to have focuses on this paper work, it takes time away from other things I need to be doing. They really where helpful, really sweet and really helpful, and yeah, they were great."

Deborah Eskow - Save a Kitty Inc. - www.saveakittyca.org

”Patel and Almeida have been very help with our quest for 501c3… I myself was in charge of this project for this organization, and I did it myself in the beginning because I was trying to save money, I was not successful. I finally decided to seek professional advice and with one meeting with Patel and Almeida group of professionals…I made a decision with the approval with the board of directors and from then on we went ahead and filed our 501(c)3 with the help of Patel and Almeida. I'm glad to tell you that in 45 days, we were able to get our recognition. From the person who takes the phone call, to the person who will return your phone call, and to the person who gives you the real advice, and the true advice, was all satisfactory. If there is 110 percent, that is what I would rate them. I just want to say Thank you very much and we are forever in debt to your expertise, the service that you've provided. I can't say anything more than to say thank you.”

Mary Lou Tarobal - Isabela National High School Alumni International - www.inhsalumniinternational.org

”We would like to thank you personally for your fast action and assistance with our 501 c 3. Because of your assistance and that of your organization we are now able to help more families stay together. I know your receive thank you notes for all you do but for us and those pets and families we keep together your have done a wonderful thing. Please again accept our appreciation and high recommendation for all those pursuing their own hopes of making our communities a better place.”

Rae Erickson & Nancy Smith Co-Founders - "Those Left Behind" Foundation - www.tlbfoundation.org

”I had previously contacted a law firm a few years prior to my starting this process and was told that the cost would be approximately $3500, and could take up to 18-months for approval. So, when I decided last July to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) Organization, I printed and reviewed IRS Form 1023, and the instructions. It almost gave me a panic attack. It appeared to be an enormous undertaking. I opted to go online to research law firms that had experience in preparing the 501(c)(3) paperwork. Even though there is a company here locally that does this same type of preparation for Non-Profits, I chose as I felt it was important to deal with a professional firm that knew the IRS laws regarding Non-Profits.”

”The Firm does everything they say they will do. There are no hidden costs. employ very professional and courteous staff. I dealt with Jessica, Nikki & Stephanie. I submitted the information on their questionnaire, and if I had questions or they had questions, we communicated through email or by phone. They always responded to my questions promptly.”

Jamie McWilliams, President/CEO - Parents Encouraging Confident Choices, Inc. - www.justiceforjustin.com

”Our organization was incredibly impressed with the extremely professional service provided by P&A. Their staff was very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful with the entire process of applying for and successfully receiving 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS. I highly recommend to others seeking similar assistance -- they deliver."

Rebecca Forest - Texas Alliance for America